Do Your Research When Hiring Freelancers

Whether it’s a photographer, a programmer or any other type of freelancer, do your research, and make sure you get the right person for the job.

While most of us will never work on projects with such expensive, devastating and controversial implications as those shown in the video below, it demonstrates the point of finding people who know what they’re doing.

Don’t risk just accepting the cheapest bid, and yes, there may be a lot of folks out there who may even offer to do it for free, but if they don’t even value their own abilities, why should you?

Look at work they’ve done in the past, sometimes it may even be possible to get references from previous clients, especially if they use sites like

Most reputable freelancers will tell you if they don’t think they can do the job you’re asking of them and will often suggest somebody they know who can as an alternative.  They value their reputation too much to risk screwing up a job they know they can’t do.

Cover Image : ‘Research’ by Neil Conway
Used under CC BY 2.0 License.

F*ck you, pay me

“I’m sorry, we just don’t have the budget to pay you”, says the multi-million £/$ company, “but it’ll be good exposure for you!”

I see things like this pop up in my Facebook feed quite regularly from folks who’ve received random emails from individuals and companies asking them to work for free and they choose to quote them before ridiculing them on their public timelines.

Then somebody usually posts this link (or rather, a copy of it hosted somewhere else claiming it as a genuine email exchange – yup, folks, it’s pure fiction).

It’s funny, sure, but not the way to win people over you actually want to pay you for what you do.

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