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Studio Pet Portraiture

The animals in our lives are as important to us as any other member in our family, so it's only fair that they should also get their time in the spotlight!

A beautiful large print or canvas on the wall is a permanent reminder of why we love them so much, even long after they're no longer with us.


A number of packages are available for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes, either individually or in groups, with special packages just for puppies and kittens.

DSC_8312Worried that your pet won't sit still or behave for their session?

We love what we do, and we want your pets to love it just as much as we do.  We'll keep them happy and entertained in order to really make relax and have their personality shine for the camera.

In order to provide as safe and comfortable an environment as possible, our cat and dog portrait sessions are typically performed in a studio environment.

For nervous pets, we can even bring the studio into your home so they feel more relaxed in a familiar environment.

If you'd prefer a location session for your dog portraits, please get in touch to discuss available options.

Non-traditional Pets

Not everybody's idea of the perfect pet is a dog or a cat.

We have experience photographing a wide variety of animals including lizards small and large, snakes (including venomous), parrots, birds of prey, and plenty more besides.


Our studio sets can be scaled up or down for almost any size of animal you would like to have photographed.

Chilean Blue Buzzard EagleBirds can be photographed in the studio more traditionally, posed on their perches, although we also offer flight shots for suitable birds.

Birds of prey can also be photographed on location, during training, at field meetings, or individual private outings pending landowner permission.

We also provide location sessions combining bird of prey photography, along with working dogs, and their human companions, as well as group coverage and and other services for field meetings.

Having been raised around birds of prey, and with a father who has flown them for over fifty years, John has an understanding of the passion and art of falconry that few other photographers possess, and has been known to swing a lure on more than one occasion to help retrieve more stubborn individuals who had chosen to park themselves in a nearby tree.

Commercial & Working Animals

Whether you're a breeder who wants to show off your latest offspring, a trainer who wants to show off your latest round of recruits, or you simply have furry four legged co-workers, we can provide a solution to fit your needs.

Our studio services are available to all commercial clients, and we can set a studio up in almost any location you could imagine, and it can be scaled up or down to suit your needs.


We also offer in situ photographic services and location sessions for trained service animals and working dogs going about their regular duties, as well as posed sessions for individuals or groups and their keepers.

While photographing working and service dogs performing their duties, we aim to keep our impact on their activities to an absolute minimum while still capturing the essence of their personality.

As commercial needs can vary greatly, please contact us to discuss your requirements, and how we can help your business.