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Fixing the Twenty Fourteen WP Theme Gap

I get why they put a gap at the top of the posts & pages in the Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme, but it’s a little inconsistent (aesthetically speaking).  The gap does make blog posts without a feature image look just right, and fit & flow they way they should.

If, however, your post has a feature image, it just looks awkward (to me, anyway), and as the goal for me is try to to always have a feature image for each blog post, I decided to go ahead and remove the gap.

It’ll also force me to update those older posts at some point to add a feature image.

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Hello world!

Yes, that’s right, I’m leaving the default WordPress post here, and just editing the content.

I don’t know why I’m bothering to setup another blog.  I have a couple already for various things, but none of them are really for me.

So, that’s what this is for.  I’ll post a mix of all sorts.  Sometimes it’ll be about photography, sometimes about tech and gadgets, sometimes camping & outdoors type stuff, sometimes it’ll be personal, and sometimes it’ll be… I don’t know what.

That’s the joy of having your own blog.  Your blog, your rules.

I don’t know how regularly I may be posting, I’ll just post when I feel like I have something I have to say.

I’ll also be putting some things up on here just as a reminder and reference for myself, as I’m a forgetful sort.

I’ll probably forget to change the default WordPress theme for at least the next couple of months.

Anyway, here’s the blog, not that it’s much at the moment.