Who Are You?

You’re probably reading this page because you want to know who I am. Am I right?

Well, I am a photographer, journalist, content creator and all-round electronics geek with a more-than-passing interest in 3D printing.

I create written and video-based content on the topics of photography, filmmaking, consumer electronics, actual electronics (as in, designing and building electronic circuits) and 3D printing as well as the tools and products related to those topics.

The majority of my written content covers the latest news in the worlds of photography and video, interviews with amazing and inspirational creatives, tutorials and product reviews. This content can be found primarily on DIYPhotography.net where I currently have over 3,800 written articles as well as videos of trade show event coverage and interviews with companies at the shows about their new products that relate to our audience.

My video work for my own YouTube channel is mainly instructional and informational – although a little fun slips in there occasionally, too. It’s tutorials, product unboxings and reviews, or experimenting with various gear (whether it be camera gear, electronics equipment or 3D printers) to test the limits of what it can do and to see if we can find a way to push past those limits.

More recently, I’ve been challenging myself to create documentary content, as a means to learn more about documentary filmmaking, but also to be able to show more behind-the-scenes content during real-world shoots covering the challenges that arise and how they can be overcome, either by utilising a particular piece of equipment or by thinking a little outside the box to come up with a creative solution to a unique problem.

I also create written content and videos for commercial clients. including written technical and technique articles on various aspects of photography and filmmaking and associated products as well as product walkthrough videos for promotional use.